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游戏简介:"Peaceful days full of curses" A heartwarming horror game about exploring in a mysterious company housing and living with a ghost for 7 days


发行日期:2023 年 8 月 31 日




操作系统:Windows 10 64-bit

处理器:Intel Core i5

内存:1 GB RAM

显卡:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970


Peaceful days full of curses
A heartwarming horror game about exploring in a mysterious company housing and living with a ghost for 7 days

You will be staying in a room inhabited by a ghost, and face a number of small troubles.
The ghost will never take your life. However, she will take your donut and hide the dishes in the room.
You will have to escape from the looming ghost, sometimes be attacked, and sometimes have a heart-to-heart talk with her to get through the 7 days in peace.

Explore the room from a first-person perspective and complete your missions to survive the night.
Ghost are always approaching from behind you. Run around without getting caught.
Solve various problems that arise night by night and close the distance between her.

The protagonist is transferred to a company housing in a provincial area by himself for one week due to work reasons.
The company housing, which is scheduled to be demolished in seven days, is actually a house that has a bad reputation for being haunted.
Would he be able to overcome the various bizarre phenomena and successfully complete his assignment alone?
And what is the unexpected connection between the protagonist and the ghost?
Experiencing a mysterious life for seven days together, full of curses and warmth.





好评如潮 100%


首先准备好解压工具, 电脑端安装 WINRAR, 手机端安装 Zarchiver 或者 ES文件管理器, 就基本不会解压错误,不要用那些乱报错的阴间解压软件!!! 如果还去用, 报错了就不要在评论里抱怨!!!


1. 单一压缩文件的(可以单独下载和解压)

- 如果后缀名正常: 直接打开文件 > 输入密码 >解压文件 > 一气呵成 .

- 如果需要修改后缀名: 不需要管文件原本后缀是什么,只要是压缩文件,后缀直接改成 .rar, 然后用上面提到的解压工具打开,工具会自动识别正确的类型, 然后解压即可, (有的人的系统默认不能更改后缀名,自己百度下如何显示后缀名).

2. 多个压缩分卷的 (需要全部下载完毕后 才能正确解压)

- 如果后缀名正常: 只需要解压第一个分卷即可, 工具在解压过程中会自动调用其他分卷, 不需要每个分卷都解压一遍 (所以需要提前全部下载好), 不同压缩格式的第一个分卷命名是有区别的 (RAR格式的第一个分卷是叫 xxx.part1.rar , 7z格式的第一个压缩分卷是叫 xxx.001 , ZIP格式的第一个压缩分卷 就是默认的 XXX.zip ) .

- 如果是需要改后缀的情况 (比较少见): RAR的分卷命名格式是 xxx.part1.rar, xxx.part2.rar, xxx.part3.rar, 7z的命名格式是 xxx.001, xxx.002, xxx.003, ZIP的排序格式 xxx.zip, xxx.zip.001, xxx.zip.002

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